Why Wholistic Dermatology

body (600x800) (364x640)At Wholistic Dermatology, we attempt to cure these challenges and concerns, not just treat the symptoms caused by them, in a scientifically correct method, addressing the body as a whole – as it must be – inside and out, individualized for your unique needs. We know that life is meant to be enjoyed, so we teach you how your body can live life, and maximize health, beauty, happiness and longevity. The body is a factory that needs correct raw materials to construct its products. We help you understand the how to, why and what your organs need, want and don’t, including food, exercise, the balance in life – physically and psychologically, for insuring health, beauty, anti-aging and rejuvenation. We individually prescribe internal nutritionals if needed, to prevent, support and restore, non-inflammatory and aging disease reducing, non-toxic, therapeutic concentration skin products that work. Recommended treatments may also include regenerating peels and lasers, which clear, tighten, turn back and slow down the ticking of the clock, not permanently thin and destroy necessary and protective elements of your skin, with no to minimal downtime that works with your schedule. Bio-identical hormones, which are safe, mimic and maximize nature, may be lacking, needed and recommended. All therapies provide continual, progressive, visible results you quickly feel, see and which protect.

Skin is the largest organ of the body…
Its beauty, the first way the world views us, comes from its health. Its appearance is a window that shows us how all the internal organs of the body are working, individually and collectively. Acne, wrinkles, brown spots, abnormal blood vessels, skin diseases and thinning hair are primarily the end result of internal organ compromised functioning. Sun, pollution, radiation, toxic, irritating chemicals in products used on the skin, hair and nails and in water, worsens the internal challenges caused by what we eat, nutrients needed but lacking, stress, foods we are sensitive or allergic to and toxins (such as mercury and DDT) deposited in our glands and tissues. All of these, at any age, also cause decreased hormone levels, adrenal and thyroid gland dysfunction which further compound skin symptoms, gastrointestinal issues, and lack of energy and “brain power”, moodiness, sleep disorders, frequent illness and disease risks. We optimize, as much as possible, all the pieces of your body’s anatomical and physiological puzzle, utilizing only the best, most doable and affordable tools for the job, science NOT commerce, empowering you with the “how to” and roadmap to beauty, health, vitality and hopefully, happiness.

Without health, everything you do to promote and preserve beauty works 30-50% at best!
Provide your body with what it needs and wants and it will reward you. It’s not deprivation…it IS moderation. Read the ingredients of everything you put on or in your body. Mimic nature! You build your house on a firm foundation. The firm foundation of health and beauty is ingredients that the body needs and are lacking and can penetrate into where they need to go, have the chemical form the body can recognize and receive, are not toxic and inflammatory and are therapeutic. Otherwise, your money is just spent on advertising, packaging and marketing. Remember – there is NO magic bullet despite being marketed to believe there is, because the body and science does not work like that. We are awash in a sea of products, technology and treatments, which are generally just competing brands, more of the same, more commerce than science.

You NEED to understand why and the difference between all your options, achieve peace of mind and confidence in your decisions through knowledge and common sense, understand the limitations and realistic expectations, why this vs. that. Our method of practicing medicine is that our job is to advise based on our expertise, experience and evaluation of worldwide techniques, however, together, we make the “right” choice by creating an individualized ACTION PLAN that works! We incorporate solutions that are doable, commonsensical, pragmatic, scientifically correct and affordable.

The essential elements included in our ACTION PLAN:

1. Eat Right for your Blood Type, food is your medicine, you ARE what you eat and the more green- right for your type- the better, the darker the green and red/purple through and through and the closer to nature the food is the better. Avoid starches, grains and sugar as much as possible understanding life is meant to be lived HOWEVER some people’s genetics make it harder and they have to do more, meaning be more disciplined than others. Don’t lament your genetics as I am sure you got MANY FABULOUS genetics as well as we all get challenges. You can ALWAYS mitigate and moderate your genetic issue so just because you have certain genes does NOT necessarily mean you have to suffer from or for them. You just need to know correct information about what to do.

2. Exercise-a fact of life but in moderation. You can harm, inflame and age yourself and your joints with too much such as marathoning. People who exercise overall are healthier, have more beautiful skin, look and feel younger, have better brain power overall, quality longevity, less weight struggles and are happier.

3. MAXIMAL physician strength, neither nontoxic nor inflammatory, most deeply penetrating, chemically correct skin products that force the skin to work the most youthfully and provide the raw materials to do so. Virtually everything on the market just moisturizes dead skin on the surface of the skin and betrays your hopes and dreams. Do NOT waste your money on buying what is just marketing not correct science-if you are not seeing a progressive visible improvement that others note as well as you note-then you are probably wasting your time and money (although some people have neglected their skin and body for so long it takes a LOT to get it going again but you can, just takes more). MAXIMAL strength skin products may be temporarily too strong (irritate your skin and give you some redness, rash, irritation temporarily) for what your skin can respond to (think asking a couch potato to start running the marathon with no training) because it is trying to retire or has no or not enough raw materials or your thyroid and hormones are low – BUT to obtain continual, progressive VISIBLE REAL skin results, this is what you have to use and you just start more slowly. Everyone is different and some skin takes MORE to optimize it or longer but you will see continual progressive results with my products. There is no magic wand and it takes 1-12 months for skin to maximally respond, repair, rejuvenate, restore, re-energize and some people need a lot more to do this than others but it can be done.

4. Bioidentical hormones if needed and indicated. This is determined by clinical symptoms-see the hormone deficiency questionnaires and blood work-see the blood work sheets that I often order then find a practitioner that can helps you feel and look better because treating hormone requires a LOT of individual dosing.

5. MAXIMAL physician strength, nontoxic, chirally correct, deeply penetrating skin peels after the skin has been “prepped” (re-energized, restored) by using most of the skin products. I generally start with a series of 3, every 4- 6 weeks, Step 2 Retinol Restoration peels alternating as individually prescribed with Step 3 Perfecting Peel, chosen depending on whether we are treating melasma, brown spots, blemishes, blemish scarring, any scarring, for anti-aging, prevention, new collagen optimal formation resulting in lifting, tightening, pore size reduction, volumizing, rejuvenation and restoration. My peels, because of their depth of penetration and ingredients, therefore treating more of the skin than any other peel or laser peel on the market AND nontoxically, provide superlative and incomparable results vs. any others on the market including the old ones that are still used, TCA, Jessner’s, Blue, Cosmelan, and all the controlled burn ablative lasers that just burn off the top layers of the skin, thin and compromise melanocytes, thus sun protection and cost MUCH more and inflict MUCH more down time as a result.

Wholistic Dermatology is the scientifically-correct methodology for men, women, teens and children, and skin of all colors and ages. By individualizing  treatments to address your chemistry, genetics, ethnicity and gender, we provide a doable, medically correct approach promoting PREVENTION with solutions for every budget, and only use what works – and best – provides longevity of results with the least downtime and disruption of your schedule. If this method make sense to you, we welcome the opportunity to help you through all the valuable information and products found on this website.