Skin Cancer Risk Prevention

FIRST PREVENT!!! This starts as soon as possible!

Virtually all skin cancers can be VERY MUCH prevented by limiting exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, by being healthy internally from what you eat, exercising as instructed on the site, taking VITAMIN D (SOLRAY D is the liquid form with all the good VITAMIN K chemical forms for other reasons) particularly, along with antioxidants-all as instructed above and on the website, hormone attention- if/when needed determined by symptoms (the symptoms sheets are under Critical Information on the site), stress and emotional trauma management-think adrenal gland health-(see low adrenal gland symptoms)- work with yourself and a professional-many types available- to help have psychological health as it too is imperative for health and minimize your skin (includes hair) and body exposure to toxic, inflammatory chemicals and electromagnetic energies (from all the devices, lights etc we are exposed to continually–and rid all as much as possible intermittently as they all accumulate-see How to/Why Supplements/Remedies document).

These are the ESSENTIAL, INTERNAL foundational, preventive strategies and your entire health and quality longevity will be more insured by doing so.

EXTERNAL STRATEGIES—FIRST you do not have to avoid enjoying the sun, but you have to understand that in today’s world with less ozone and all of us being more inflamed internally, you have to be MUCH more preventive starting with trying HARD to never get sunburned and PLEASE do NOT sunbathe (as it DOES come back to haunt you with UNDESIRED symptoms and aging in the near future in EVERYONE), wearing NONTOXIC SUN PROTECTION religiously all over your body as sun penetrates clothing AND ultraviolet is reflected from water, sun, buildings along now with infrared to compound the damage it causes, never mind it is stronger due to less ozone, and pollution and toxicity further compound the resulting damage. Sun protective clothing, hats, antioxidants internally AND externally, SUN PROTECTION all over your body with Zinc and in my opinion NOT titanium and none of the chemical blocks because of the risks. Other sun protections that are as of this writing nontoxic and more appropriate for the body that I recommend are My Chelle, Burt’s Bees and Badger. The difference between them and my SUN PROTECTION is mine has MUCH more therapy that is helping to prevent and reverse and theirs is just a block but a block is the first step because we cannot avoid the sun.

The result of ignoring the realities and increased challenges of today’s more toxic world is melanomas are more likely and earlier seen/diagnosed and skin cancers of all sorts which threaten your life, you become increasingly scarred from biopsies and excisions, you age much more quickly internally and externally so you look older, you FEEL older and your disease risk is increased internally as well and you experience earlier brown spots, melasma, enlarged pores, rosacea, photodamage and more. An ounce of prevention is worth a LIFETIME of cure. Preventing is MUCH easier and doable than REVERSING!

ALSO IMPERATIVE and NEXT MOST IMPORTANT for preventing and reversing is keeping your skin healthily and CORRECTLY EXFOLIATED but NOT inflamed as many methods cause. Skin, that does not become stagnant in its functioning and is healthily stimulated to work at a more youthful level- INTERNALLY- by providing it with the building blocks it needs to make healthy new skin as above- and EXTERNALLY– by MAXIMAL STRENGTH, NONTOXIC skin products that OPTIMIZE new skin production and CORRECT exfoliation, is more likely to rid abnormal cells than allow them to accumulate by stagnation into a collection of abnormal cells/skin cancer AND is more likely to bring a skin cancer, if already present, to the surface faster, to be recognized and treated earlier which is ALWAYS BEST and SAFEST. My CLEANSER, SERUM, VITAMIN C PLUS, EMU, VITAMIN A PLUS, NIGHT REGENERATION, PEEL daily are doing and were designed as well to do just that and MUCH more and when you add my professional peels REPAIRING EXFOLIANT (which your skin professional may also instruct you to add at home as well), RETINOL RESTORATION, PERFECTING PEEL on your entire body then you are optimally exfoliating, healthily. I also tell patients to use a BASS long exfoliating cloth from the collarbones down, daily, along with nontoxic soap to help exfoliate and shaving helps exfoliate as well. More IMPERATIVE ounces of prevention….

Mole checks are another ESSENTIAL preventive method, first by you at every age- paying attention to suspicious and any changes in your skin, including moles and skin growths of every color and type, then to the attention of and by your skin health professional- yearly or more often if prescribed- due to questionable skin growths . If recognized early (learn the ABC’s of recognizing skin cancers), most skin cancers can be successfully treated but…

PREVENTION IS BETTER/HEALTHIER and DOABLE. PREVENTION is another habit that you WANT to cultivate as it will serve you well in EVERYTHING in life-health, beauty, greater happiness, success, quality longevity.

SKIN PRODUCTS: to start first on face, neck, chest: CLEANSER, SERUM, SPF 30 SUN PROTECTION & REPAIR, NIGHT REGENERATION. If your skin is dry then add EMU OIL to use AM and PM per product instructions on the website

Next step after 2 weeks – add VITAMIN C PLUS in with SERUM (and EMU OIL if needed for dry skin) in the AM then after another 2 weeks, in the PM add VITAMIN A PLUS in with NIGHT REGENERATION (and EMU if using/needed for normal and dry skin and you may even need a drop or two or EMU OIL for oily skin in the evening)-follow product instruction sheets on how to use/mix on the website. After another 2 weeks begin PEEL in the PM, FIRST product to apply after washing and advance to use as many nights per week as skin will tolerate per product instruction sheet.

After 3 months of using the products ideally you have a RETINOL RESTORATION peel then after another 2-3 months you have a RETINOL RESTORATION with PERFECTING PEEL then repeat ideally twice a year and these professional peels should ideally be used on most of the entire body skin as well 2-3 times per year as exfoliation helps prevent skin cancers along with Sun Protection and healthy diet and exercise/ internal organ health and targeted supplementation as below

VERY IMPORTANT—VITAMIN C PLUS IDEALLY is used on the body as well-at least on arms, legs, back daily in the AM mixed in with nontoxic, inexpensive body lotion such as Desert Organics, Burts Bees, Avalon (there are others, read the ingredient lists ALWAYS though as the ingredients often change for the worse as the companies sell themselves) and VITAMIN A PLUS should be used on the same areas as well NIGHTLY or every other night alternating with PEEL on the same areas at NIGHT ONLY. This is to help with prevention because these areas receive much sun exposure throughout life and are the primary areas along with the head, face, neck and chest for skin cancers to occur. Keeping the skin correctly and adequately exfoliated along with protection and internal health are the keys to prevention. Chemical exfoliation and stimulation is better than physical exfoliation but CORRECT physical exfoliation on the body only-NOT the face, neck and chest-is helpful synergistically. I recommend a Bass long exfoliating cloth (so you can do your back and back side well) that you use on your body ONLY-below the collarbones-along with your nontoxic soap. Shaving is exfoliating as well.

SUPPLEMENTS: (all instructions for how to use on the HOW TO AND WHY START and ADVANCE SUPPLEMENTATION document on the website. I HIGHLY recommend reading this as I tell you how I use these remedies to help treat symptoms patients come to me to help them rid). SKIN IS A WINDOW TO WHAT IS GOING ON INSIDE SO THE INSIDE HAS TO BE HEALTHY TO PREVENT AND FOR THE SKIN TO BE HEALTHY-and beautiful– SO:
VITAMIN D3, OMEGA GOLD, ORGANIC SULFUR (daily for 3 containers of this then every other day unless you feel better with daily), BIOCIRCUMIN, GAMMA E, R LIPOIC ACID, FLORA SYNTROPY, QUERCETIN, BIOENERGYC, COQ10-all these should be ongoing daily forever because they quite help to prevent and are powerfully anti-inflammatory AND anti-aging together.
Also ideally add daily, GLUTATHIONE for 2 bottles then if you cannot use both you can use instead 2 containers of HEPATOGEST to further help clean and clear your liver. After you finish Hepatogest for 2 containers then you can alternate days or use one container of Glutathione then one of Hepatogest ideally forever.
Add NAT COLON CLEAR for 3 bottles from the start if you can then once a year take 3 bottles

  • IDEALLY you take IODIZYME 1 pill Monday, Wednesday and Friday and you take SELENIUM and ZINC the same
  • Ideally you take MAGNESIUM 125– 3 pills per day any time together or divide the dose twice a day.
  • Ideally you take TRICHROMIUM 1 pill per day, 2 per day 3 days a week
  • Ideally you take WILD OREGANO OIL 1 pill per day

If you are 35 years or older then I recommend using MELATONIN for its preventive and antiaging benefits alone and synergistically.
I recommend 2 bottles of HYPOTHALCODE and PINEAL CODE twice a year.
Follow instructions on the site for how to treat adrenal glands and Thyroid gland if you have symptoms of low adrenals and thyroid as very important for the skin and body to work healthily along with healthy diet and exercise-all as described on the site along with the symptoms of low thyroid and adrenals in Critical Information.
Ideally you take 2 bottles of METACHLOR per year with 2 bottles of CILANTRO INTRINSIC to help rid accumulated heavy metals
I also recommend INFLAMMA LIFE FORCE—take 2-3 bottles twice a year to help prevent and in my practice, continually if you have cholesterol issues, scarring for any reason, keloids, psoriasis, eczema, inflammatory diseases along with BioCircumin.


Skin Products: