Hormone Restoration

This is your first step in therapeutic treatment and can be increased if necessary. Please review the Hormone Deficiency Symptoms under Critical Info and Why, Which & How to Use Supplements & Remedies for additional information.


After using the products listed below,  the next skin products to add are EMU OIL if you need more moisture, VITAMIN C PLUS then after another month, VITAMIN A PLUS, then after another month PEEL then my professional only peels RETINOL RESTORATION and PERFECTING PEEL from your skin care professionals.

Internally after 6 weeks on the initial products add THYROID SUPPORT and if you have intestinal gas, bloating, constipation or feeling that your food sits a bit in your stomach and does not digest quickly add HYPO ZYMASE as well.


Hormones, in men and women, play a pivotal role in health, prevention of diseases and degradation, infirmities of age, anti-aging internally and externally, happiness, good mood and brain function, treating PMS, menstrual, erection, fertility, libido, osteoporosis, mental and physical well-being, appearance (weight, skin tone, clarity, beauty), support and strengthen the immune system and your overall ability to happily participate in life.

No matter how excellent the skin treatments and procedures are, they will work 50% at best if your hormone glands are not functioning properly AND harmoniously because the skin cannot respond youthfully to what it is being asked to do by products, peels, procedures and/or lasers if the internal organs are retired in their function due in many ways to aged/abnormal hormone levels. Maximal Strength Skin Therapy products solutions work in conjunction with optimizing your hormones and internal environment and function, to enhance maximally and scientifically correctly, the most youthful skin functioning, prevention, restoration, repair, anti-aging, turning back and slowing the ticking of the clock.

The imbalance of hormones in your body can come from many different causes other than the obvious of looming, surgical or actual meno or andropause. See the symptoms of hormone imbalance for each hormone in men and women on the hormone questionnaires on the website. Estrogen dominance or increased receptors for estrogen in your body not an actual increased amount of estrogen in the body but your body over responds to estrogens so you normally struggle with weight challenges and estrogens depress thyroid function so your thyroid is more likely low functioning compounding many struggles-see hormone symptom sheets. Estrogen and progesterone are normally in a ratio in the body in men and women and when this ration is disrupted, symptoms result (these classically include women with painful and swollen breasts the week or so before their period, heavy bleeding periods, significant PMS, poor sleeping, anxiety, frequent bad moods to name a few).

Common causes include aging, birth control pills and the hormone disruptions that often result after coming off of birth control pills, stress and low adrenal gland function, low thyroid, medications, use of hormone disrupting chemicals chronically in skin, hair and nail products and non-organic animal products that are fed/injected with hormones to be grown and to market faster. Medical causes include genetics, obesity, and tumors. See the symptoms of low testosterone in men and women, low adrenal function (exhaustion in the AM or just the afternoon with brain fog and also includes low DHEA hormone which is anti-aging, pro immune system and pro effective stress management).

The healthy, nontoxic, pharmaceutical bio-identical hormones we prescribe-they require medical professionals to prescribe- are “mimic nature” dosages-individualized to what your body needs to help alleviate the symptoms and slow down, hold at bay, the decay caused by aging and possible degenerative disorders. We use cream hormones because when your body is producing hormones they are placed into the blood stream, not the gastrointestinal tract and taking some pill hormones is increasingly shown to have negative side effects so creams are more bio-identical. Our creams penetrate the medication faster and more completely we have found vs. others and are nontoxic and therapeutic for the skin as well. We know that each patient’s dose is different and has to be individualized and if that is not done some are under-dosed and others overdosed all with resulting psychological and physiological symptoms. The following Maximal Strength Skin Therapy products and supplement solutions work synergistically with Skin Physiology bio-identical hormones and any hormone restoration really to help support the prescribed hormone treatments to work more effectively and to help correct abnormal hormone levels by optimizing the internal environment and skin function.