Hair Loss

Hair loss (alopecia) can affect just your scalp or your entire body. It can be the result of heredity, certain medications or an underlying medical condition.

INSTRUCTIONS: SOLRAY D, OMEGA GOLD, FLORA SYNTROPY (alternating as finished with ORTHO BIOTIC) HPA AXIS, LICRO INTRINSIC, VITAMIN B5, INFLAMMA LIFE FORCE, BIOHEALTH MATRIX  (alternate bottles with this and LIFE FORCE- alternating bottles as you finish one then use the other for the next bottle) and HEPATOGEST. 

IF after 4 weeks hair not significantly improving in women (takes 4 weeks in women to BEGIN seeing a result (takes 2-3 months in men) which starts with hair stopping falling so much-especially after washing- and feeling and looking healthier and fuller then clearly regrowing and getting perceptibly thicker) and you remain tired and /or cold then add THYROID LIFE FORCE and IODIZYME and if you remain tired and cold after one bottle of these then add THYROID SUPPORT instead of Thyroid Life Force and if you remain tired after using THYROID SUPPORT for 1 month then add ADRENAL LIFE FORCE in addition or instead of LICRO INTRINSIC and VITAMIN B5 (after you have finished 2 bottles of these 2 however).  Your hair challenges definitely improve with these but you may need more depending on the cause.  IN MEN—if after 2 months hair is not improving then add METHYL B12 and ESTROGEN SUPPORT and ZINC and after 1 month of these if hair not significantly improving,  have your health practitioner check your DHT, DHEA, FREE TESTOSTERONE, PROGESTERONE, ESTRADIOL, TOTAL AND FREE PSA, VITAMIN D3 blood levels as they may need optimizing and your issue may be genetic and require much more therapy.

In women—if estradiol is low-see symptom sheets for LOW ESTRADIOL on the Critical Info part of the website-optimizing your adrenal and thyroid function as well as exercise and decreasing internal inflammation by eating healthily as detailed in many places on the website and taking antioxidants as above and possibly adding BIOENERGY C, R LIPOIC ACID, GLUTATHIONE, MELATONIN-will help to improve estradiol levels IF possible and if necessary you may need to replace ESTRADIOL and ESTRIOL (you want to do this via bioidentical, nontoxic creams ideally).  I have seen patients who had HIGH levels of estradiol have hair challenges but generally is probably due to imbalanced thyroid being too low or too high in VERY sensitive patients and that imbalance requires all other hormones being balanced in relation to each other so working with your health practitioner who is knowledgeable then is KEY.    

View video for solutions to hair loss.

The most common causes of hair loss include hormonal factors (low adrenal gland function and depletion from stress, not enough sleep/rest and much more, low thyroid function which is epidemic in today’s world from SO many reasons but FIRST before treating the thyroid you always optimize adrenal and hypothalamic/pituitary function (which addresses the adrenal AND thyroid and all hormones function and balance) and then low or too high estradiol levels in the body), medical conditions and medications.

The thyroid and adrenal glands primarily help regulate hormone levels in your body and these two are governed by the hypothalamus and pituitary glands and if the glands are not performing properly for whichever reason, hair loss may result. It is commonsensical that if you are experiencing hair loss and even if you are not for prevention, you want to be using NON-TOXIC and NON-INFLAMMATORY products (shampoos, conditioners, styling products, hair color) ON your scalp and body so as not to further inflame already inflamed hair follicles and it is better to not have hair extensions putting weight and tension on hair chronically as over time this also can contribute to hair loss.