Constipation Issues

Infrequent constipation can be caused by dietary issues/allergies/sensitivities/poor choices/lack or fiber/not drinking enough water and not eating healthy oils or a lack of activity/exercise, or as a side effect to medications or due to low thyroid gland function which can also be due to low adrenal gland function/depletion. However, chronic constipation – that is, a stool frequency of less than three times per week on a regular basis – may be a sign that there is a serious problem occurring in your stomach, small intestine and/or colon or low thyroid.

INSTRUCTIONS: VITAMIN D3, OMEGA GOLD, FLORA SYNTROPY, HEPATOGEST, GLUTAMINE, NAT COLON CLEAR.  IF acid indigestion or food feeling it does not digest after you eat for long periods then add HYPOZYMASE.IF this only improves the problem but does not completely resolved after 1 month to 6 weeks and you are cold/tired then add THYROID LIFE FORCE and IODIZYME. 

If you remain tired after 1 month then add LICRO INTRINSIC.  If improves even more but not completely resolved and you have any twitches or muscle cramps then add MAGNESIUM 125.

View video for solutions to constipation.

Remember –ALWAYS– food is your FIRST and BEST medicine… eat green, green, and more green-the darker the better and right for your blood type, add fiber so eat more raw and less cooked greens as appropriate and darker the better fruits, along with drinking sufficient amounts of water (at least 2 liters of water per day) and healthy oils such as fish, olive and walnut oils.  Also drinking something hot can initiate peristalsis of the intestines to initiate a bowel movement  such as hot water with a slice of fresh lemon and Green Tea as the healthiest choices, coffee is second choice preferably organic as coffee is a better option than constipation if green tea will not help initiate a bowel movement.

IF not resolved completely so that you have a bowel movement at least once daily without having to think about it in 3-5 months, then you need to consult with your health practitioner on whether a colonoscopy and/or abdominal ultrasound is indicated. I have patients who have found inserting a crushed and peeled clove or garlic just into the rectum causes them to have a bowel movement and helps hemorrhoids improve and an ounce or two of whole leaf aloe juice daily often is beneficial for constipation and is good for the skin as can also be used as a toner on the skin and on any areas of itching skin.