Help Stop Nighttime Urination



Next step – after 2 months add ORGANIC SULFUR. Six weeks later if you are tired at all especially in the afternoon add THYROID SUPPORT but you HAVE to take with ADRENAL REPAIR then you are treating most everything, helping to optimize your testosterone and anti-age as well.

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This is your first step in therapeutic treatment and can be increased if necessary. Please click here for detailed instruction sheets and protocol for skin products and supplementation.

Do you wake up one to several times throughout the night to urinate? Excessive urination at night is a condition called nocturia and can break up sleep patterns, which lead to fatigue, and diminish your immunity to ward off and prevent illness. This is also a symptom of enlarged prostate and low testosterone.

Normally, urine decreases in amount and become more concentrated at night and most people can sleep 6 to 8 hours without having to urinate. Persons with nocturia get up more than once during the night to urinate. Because of this, those who have excessive urination at night often have disrupted sleep cycles. It is often exacerbated by certain drugs including diuretics, blood pressure and heart medications, possibly urinary tract infections (but there are generally a lot more symptoms with this including frequent urination as well during the day, back pain, fever, burning with urination, blood or dark colored urine), potentially kidney problems, cystitis, diabetes, drinking too much fluid before bedtime, particularly coffee, caffeinated beverages, or alcohol, high blood calcium level and obstructive sleep apnea and other sleeping disorders. It is in women due to low hormones, progesterone and estradiol primarily but also contributed to by low growth hormone. In men it is overall a symptom of enlarged prostate which may be due to HIGH estradiol in men (you need to get your blood levels checked after age 38 along with high sensitivity PSA and Vitamin D3, and your FREE testosterone blood level and men need to always have their progesterone blood level checked because yours gets low and you get VERY hard to get along with AND you need to have your DHEA blood level checked EVERY time you have blood drawn-remind your physician please), low testosterone, low thyroid contributes and fungal infection in the prostate gland. Generally decreased erection function goes along with night time urination. This is also due to the same hormone and fungal overgrowth issues generally and can be eliminated as a problem by optimizing your health.

The men whom I have helped in my practice FORCED me to put this on my website because our solutions made them so happy therefore I am providing the same SKIN FITNESS PLUS supplementation solutions that have helped my male patients resolve the frequent urination and sleep disruption issues. The erection issues should be helped but may require hormone optimization by your physician. I use my SKIN THERAPY nontoxic, testosterone cream with an individualized formula for each patient which may include in the cream DHEA, progesterone, and chrysin because if you are supplementing low testosterone levels then you MUST be having blood work to make sure that genetically your body is NOT increasing your estradiol metabolized from the testosterone and following your high sensitivity PSA.

The fungal overgrowth issue solution begins with you are what you eat, food is your medicine and EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR BLOOD TYPE and replacing deficient hydrochloric acid digestive enzymes if needed.